Table Rock Regional Roundup

2017 Conference Handouts

The following documents are provided for you to download.  These include conference materials, as well as handouts/slides from our speakers.  Simply click on the link(s) below to access the document.

General Conference Materials

Friday, September 28 - Speaker Handouts

  • Behrens - Air-Fluid Exchange for Vitreous Cavity Hemorrhage After Pars Plana Vitrectomy in Diabetic Eyes
  • Venincasa - Temporal Profile of Retinopathy of Prematurity in the Extremely Premature
  • Mollman - Pressure and Flow Characteristics of Ocular Viscoelastic and Silicone Oil Through Glaucoma Drainage Devices
  • Bradford - What the AAO is Doing to enhance Patient Care and Clinical Practice:  From "Big Data" to Public Policy
  • Vicchrilli - Avoid Triggering Your Own Audit
  • Warn - OMIC Risk Management:  A Storm Is Brewing
  • Stone - Corneas and Cousins - Lessons from Saudi Arabia
  • Sutphin - Update on the DREAM Study - Design and Recruitment
  • Cibis - Science and Practice of Automated Vision Screening in the Pediatric Office for Amblyogenic Factors

Saturday, September 29 - Speaker Handouts

  • Clifford - Serving in Elected Office: Jumping from the Frying Pan and Into the Fire
  • Maher - Building the Eye Care Team:  Successfully Integrating an Optometrist to Create a Successful and Ethical MD/OD Practice Model
  • Vicchrilli - What Percentage of My Revenue is Protected?


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